Baseless September 24 end of the world theories debunked


Social media has gone into meltdown this week as there could also be converse of September 24 2022 being the highest of the world.

Yes, people are actually saying the apocalypse goes to occur this week and a substantial amount of doomsday theories are flooding the net.

However, there’s really no should panic as a result of the conspiracies are totally baseless and it’s merely one different foolish TikTok meme.

Let’s debunk this silly sample as quickly as and for all…

That German politician video outlined

The frenzy over September 24 all started when a video of a German politician speaking went viral, nevertheless it certainly appears he wasn’t saying one thing ominous the least bit.

People purchased freaked out when Friedrich Merz, who’s the Leader of the Opposition, spoke in regards to the random date inside the Bundestag.

“This 24th of September will remain in our memories. In the future we’ll say ‘I remember where I was on that day’,” he says inside the clip which was filmed months up to now.

The video sparked panic as of us speculated that one factor really harmful was going to happen on September 24 that politicians knew about.

However, according to quite a few people, the political misspoke and was actually talking about Ukraine on February 24, not September 24.

February 24 was the day that Russia first invaded Ukraine, a severe escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War that unfold fear amongst the world.

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There’s not going to be a blackout or photograph voltaic flare

People are saying the world goes to complete as a consequence of an unlimited blackout or photograph voltaic flare, nevertheless there’s really no proof of each of this stuff going down.

A worldwide blackout would include all of the world’s power going out, plunging the globe into darkness, nevertheless it certainly wouldn’t actually set off the highest of the world.

Plus, photograph voltaic flares happen frequently and aren’t actually dangerous to folks the least bit, so there’s really no should panic.

As reported by NASA, a photograph voltaic flare is “an intense burst of radiation” precipitated when magnetic vitality saved inside the Sun’s setting builds up and is all the sudden launched.

They may trigger radio, GPS and satellite tv for pc television for computer disturbances on Earth. However, photograph voltaic flares certainly not actually attain the Earth’s ground.

“Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground,” NASA says.

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That Simpsons episode fuelled the fireside

After of us began talking about September 24, an episode of The Simpsons emerged that fuels the doomsday theories way more, nevertheless doesn’t suggest the highest of the wold is looming.

In the episode titled “Homer Goes to Prep School,” Homer joins a survivalist group whose chief has prepare a retreat to rearrange for the highest of the world. 

He reveals Marge his end of the world offers and says: “The apocalypse is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe never, but it’s coming.”

“Homer Goes to Prep School” is Season 24 Episode 9, which surprisingly makes the date September 24 and ties into the doomsday theories fully.

People are moreover linking the episode to the reality that Denver is freely giving free Bug Out Bags as part of National Preparedness Month.

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Conspiracy theorists began saying they’d been freely giving the survival kits as one factor harmful goes to happen on September 24, nevertheless they’ve shut down the silly rumours.

“We have been alerted that a conspiracy theory network is circulating a video on social media claiming that our Bug Out Bag giveaway for National Preparedness Month is the result of a known or anticipated disaster,” they acknowledged.

“We want to reassure the community that the claims made in this video are clearly false. Our office’s mission is to create a safe, prepared, and resilient community.”

So, September 24 really isn’t going to be the highest of the world. It’s merely one different doomsday meme date that will come and go, and life will maintain the equivalent.

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