Pepita Redhair: Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive?


In March 2020, just because the world was beginning to grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic, Pepita Redhair’s family had rather more to deal with. The youthful lady out of the blue vanished into skinny air, with little data referring to the place she went. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared: Navajo Nightmare’ focuses on the efforts of the authorities and members of the family to hunt out Pepita and the circumstances surrounding her vanishing. So, must you’re on this case, we’ve obtained you coated.

What Happened to Pepita Redhair?

Pepita Redhair’s family lived in Crownpoint, New Mexico, on the sting of the Navajo Nation. Loved ones described her as a shiny youthful lady who beloved talking to people. She beloved skateboarding and cooking and dreamt about turning into an engineer or a teacher. The 27-year-old appeared to have points going her methodology until it out of the blue modified in early 2020. On March 24, Pepita’s mother, Anita King, and two totally different relations drove her to a neighborhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Image Credit: Anita King/Navajo Times

Pepita’s boyfriend, Nicholas Kaye, lived there, and he or she had been residing with him for over three years. The journey was routine for the family, and they also didn’t suppose lots of it. But Anita began worrying when she didn’t hear from her daughter. She tried reaching Pepita on March 27, 2020, nevertheless couldn’t give you her. Anita texted her daughter as soon as extra on March 30, nevertheless this time, an individual replied, saying anybody had purchased him that cellphone. Soon after that, she reported her beloved daughter missing.

Is Pepita Redhair Dead or Alive?

Initially, Anita King claimed she was met with some resistance from the Albuquerque, New Mexico, police. She said, “The cops kind of just brushed it off. They said she’s (Pepita) an adult. She’s free to travel. She’s free to be missing, I was told. I was pretty upset.” Anita added that the authorities there requested her to speak with the Crownpoint police on account of that’s the place Pepita’s from. However, when Anita went to the Crownpoint police, they requested her to go once more to Albuquerque.

Image Credit: Charley Project

The case was moreover hit by the pandemic beginning to affect the world, which meant that the police couldn’t conduct in-person interviews of anyone who knew one thing. Anita was notably dissatisfied with the Crownpoint Police Department’s response, saying, “They did nothing. They said it was out of their jurisdiction because it happened in Albuquerque. I was told she is an adult, and we can’t help you because she was missing out of Albuquerque.”

On April 19, 2020, Nicholas filed a missing particular person report of his private. He suggested the police that on March 26, 2020, the two went for a drink nevertheless later had an argument. At that point, Nicholas claimed that Pepita had left, and the following day, a textual content material from her said she was with one different man. At the time, Nicholas assumed that it was any person that they’d met on March 26. On the other hand, Anita mentioned that he had gotten violent collectively along with her daughter to this point, making her suspicious.

Since then, the family has searched all over for Pepita nevertheless hasn’t offer you one thing to go on. They keep hopeful and have saved her determine inside the spotlight, conducting rallies. Pepita’s missing case moreover shed some mild on the plight of missing Indigenous ladies. At a rally in February 2022, Pepita’s sister, Shelda Livingston, talked about that the pandemic meant the police took months to start out investigating the case.

For now, the authorities have mentioned that Pepita’s case stays open, and a detective has been assigned to attempt to uncover her. While Anita has tried to be sturdy, her daughter’s absence has undoubtedly affected her. In March 2022, she said, “When I get home (from work), it hits me. A few weeks ago, I told myself that I’m going to be strong. I’m going to stop crying because I’m tired of it, how I feel every day. I told myself I don’t want to get sick no more; I want to be strong for her.”

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