Tiktok: Zach Latham Arrested For A Few Glimpse Of Fame- Where Is He Now?


Zach Latham will face the murder trial this 12 months as he reportedly killed his neighbor William Durham Sr after the verbal dispute developed proper right into a brutal battle between them.

Latham is an ill-famed American TikToker from New Jersey who foolishly took an innocent man’s life on May 4, 2020. In express, Zach wanted to attain fame on social media, and he had been doing ridiculous actions to attain the oldsters’s consideration on TikTookay. 

Further, he was troublesome to his neighbor as he incessantly disturbed his neighbor and troubled them thus far years. In addition, Latham reportedly harassed his neighbor’s partner and attacked his neighbors with abusive phrases. 

He moreover tried to run over his automotive on Durham’s sons whereas a boy was biking down the street. Moreover, he fought with Durham and abused him. This case has sparked stress among the many many social media prospects as a result of the official acknowledged Zach Killed Durham to attain of us’s consideration on the TikTookay.

Tiktok screenshot of Zach Latham, he used to publish his motion pictures, now his ID is deleted (provide :

Tiktok: Zach Latham Arrested Murder Charges & Verdict

Zach Latham acquired arrested on suspicion of murdering his neighbor in 2020. Further, the police division charged him with manslaughter, brutal assault, and firearms. On the alternative hand, Zach argued that he unintentionally stabbed Durham in self-defense. However, the courtroom docket has not launched the choice on the current date. 

Further, Zach’s partner Sarah reportedly filmed the incident so as to add the flicks on TikToalright to acquire fame. Nontheless, Durham’s family claimed they went to Latham’s residence as he made social media assault Durham’s family. 

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Where Is Zach Latham Now?

Zach Latham has been residing alongside together with his family on the current date as a result of the courtroom docket launched him from the Jail in May 2022. However, he’ll face trial on the end of the 12 months 2022. In addition, the courtroom docket has charged Latham and his partner, along with two others, who joined the battle with first-degree murder.  

In express, his neighbor William Durham Sr. was a veteran corrections officer. Zach acknowledged that he armed himself with a cutter and shocked gun after Durham entered his house. However, it started with an argument and developed proper right into a brutal battle.  

Zach and Durham’s family have been prepared for his or her trial on the current date. On the alternative hand, A Cumberland County grand jury accused Zach of reckless manslaughter with two counts of aggravated assault and weapons offenses. 

Correctional Officer William Durham Sr, killed on May 4, 2020 (provide :

Details About Zach Latham’s Wife, Sarah Latham & Children

Zach Latham is a luckily married man. He has been in a marital relationship alongside together with his partner, Sarah Latham, for years. Meanwhile, many people marvel about his children on the current date. However, he has not shared lots about his member of the household with the media on the current date. 

On the alternative hand, his partner had been filming the brutal incident so as to add on the Tiktok. Sarah reportedly wanted to attain public consideration on the TikTookay. 

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Last Modified: June 21, 2022

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