What Does ‘Popola’ Meaning In Bad Bunny’s Efecto? Songs Lyrics In English Translation


Bad Bunny is a worldwide megastar whose Efecto tune includes the phrase Popola. In this textual content, we try the which suggests of the phrase in English and uncover its origin.

Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny is a quite a few Grammy Award-winning artist with fairly a couple of hit singles and albums. The prolific singer has launched 5 studio albums and 44 singles.

What Does ‘Popola’ Meaning In Bad Bunny’s Efecto?

Popola is a phrase used inside the lyrics of the Bad Bunny tune Efecto. The which suggests of the phrase is said to female genitalia. It is the Dominican phrase for vagina, which is taught to little youngsters to steer clear of saying the phrase, Toto.

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The phrase signifies a superb depiction of the female genitalia, taught to youthful youngsters to cease them from using the additional offensive phrase used to point the organ.

Efecto, the tune containing the phrase Popola was launched on May 6, 2022. The tune was a big hit with 50 million views on Youtube. The tune is charted as extreme as amount 34 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Popola is used in Bad Bunny's 2022 single Efecto.
Popola is utilized in Bad Bunny’s 2022 single Efecto. ( Source :
Instagram )

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer who has gained many followers. He is a pioneer of Latin Trap and has a worldwide fanbase of people who take heed to his reggeaton-inspired songs.

Bad Bunny Efecto Song Lyrics In English

The English translation and lyrics of the tune Efecto will be discovered on the internet. The Spanish language tune is a catchy reggaeton tune that was launched on May 6, 2022.

The phrase is referenced inside the 2022 tune Efecto, which interprets to Effect in English. The lyrics of the tune, “Tu crico te me amola’ Yo soy fan de esa popola Más las picky, las endo, la coca y la rola (más nada) Eres tú quien me controla, eh (je, je)” includes the phrase.

Google Translate interprets the lyrics of the tune as “Your crico loves me. I’m a fan of that popola Plus the picky, the endo, the coca, and the rola (plus nothing). It’s you who controls me, huh (heh, heh).”

Popola Urban Dictionary Meaning 

Popola has three meanings in Urban Dictionary. The phrase is featured on the internet website, which moreover sells merchandise associated to the phrase.

According to the October 2006 which suggests on Urban Dictionary, Popola is a Dominican phrase for vagina- taught to Lil women and boys to steer clear of saying the phrase, Toto.

Also, one different entry in March 2005 describes Popola as a Dominican phrase that signifies the merchandise of an individual’s need in a woman…the vagina. Another definition from April 2005 describes Popola as Pu**y.

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