Who Is Bobi Gephart? Indiana Woman Affair With New Life Christian Church Pastor John Lowe


Bobi Gephart, 43, of Indiana, comes up in church and accuses the married pastor of grooming her as a youngster, compelling him to confess.

Bobi Gephart, a lady from Indiana, is now throughout the data after disclosing that her pastor took her virginity when she was 16 years earlier. She even accused the married pastor of grooming her whereas she was a teenager.

The pastor was compelled to easily settle for it in entrance of the stunned congregation after the charges had been made. According to the Daily Mail, Pastor John B. Lowe II has resigned from the New Life Christian Church in Indiana.

Bobi Gephart Indiana Affair With Pastor John Lowe II: Is She A Victim Of Pastor?

John B, a 65-year-old Indiana pastor, has resigned from his place throughout the church after confessing to having an affair with a 16-year-old girl.

After being challenged on stage by Bobi Gephart, who obtained right here forward with a microphone to tell their church in Warsaw, Indiana, how he groomed her as a teen and took her virginity, Pastor John Lowe II stood down from the New Life Christian Church.

The pastor and his partner Debbie have now every resigned from the church

Pastor Lowe II had merely suggested the congregation that he had devoted adultery 20 years up to now, with out specifying the age of the lady or girl. He pleaded for forgiveness from the congregation sooner than receiving a standing ovation. The approved age of consent in Indiana is 16, which was Bobi’s age when their romance began.

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Learn About Bobi Gephart’s Age And Wikipedia Details

As of 2022, Bobi Gephart is 43 years earlier, whereas Pastor John Lowe II is 65 years earlier. When that they’d an affair, she was 16 years earlier and the pastor was 38 years earlier.

In addition, on account of she was so youthful on the time, Bobi went onto the stage alongside along with her husband, Nate, to say it wasn’t merely adultery.

Bobi and her husband then left the church stage and had been comforted by completely different members of the congregation

Bobi moreover confessed that she had been lying to protect the Lowe family and that she had suicidal concepts with out comprehending what had occurred to her.

Bobi Gephart’s Facebook And Her Family Details

In phrases of Bobi Gephart’s personal life, she is married to her accomplice Nate. Pastor John Lowe, likewise, is married to his partner Debbie and has a family of his private.

Recently, the pastor requested forgiveness from the congregation, and Bobi and her family had been requested to attend the service in anticipation of Pastor Lowe’s public confession.

Bobi did go and, collectively alongside along with her husband, spoke sooner than the church, revealing that she began partaking in inappropriate sexual conduct when she was 16 years earlier and continued until her thirties. Bobi’s Facebook profile is however to be seen.

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