Who is Bobi Gephart? Married Woman Allegations On Pastor John Lowe II Affair


Indiana lady Bobi Gephart affair allegations in opposition to pastor John Lowe II, as he groomed her when she was an adolescent. So Who is she? 

Bobi Gephart is an Indiana native who pressurized pastor John Lowe II to confess the sin, he did twenty years previously. She acquired right here to the church with a microphone and uncovered the pastor’s wrongdoing contained within the church.

Also, she revealed how she lived all these years in jail, lying to her family, companion, and folks to protect him. However, he admitted the crime and requested for forgiveness inside the church, and stepped down from his place as a pastor.

Guess what, Lowe, now 65, obtained a standing ovation for doing that. It is disgusting. He took a 16-year-old teenage woman’s virginity with out her consent, and after a number of years of struggling, she acquired right here forward.

Just on account of he requested for forgiveness and admitted his affairs with the girl, Lowe obtained a “standing ovation.” What do you contemplate John Lowe II’s punishment proper right here?

Bobi Gephart, Indiana Woman Came Forward And Exposed Pastor John Lowe II

Who is Bobi Gephart? Indiana native Bobi, aged 43, is a married lady. She accused John Lowe II that he groomed her when she was merely 16 years. 

According to Daily Mail, Pastor John Lowe II signed off from his place as pastor after confronting he had an affair with a 16-year-old woman and sexually harassed her when he was in his mid-thirties contained within the church. 

Boby openly revealed in Warsaw, Indiana, how she was groomed, and pastor John took her virginity on his office floor. She was mentally depressed. For 27 years, she saved the darkish and painful secrets and techniques and strategies to herself. 

Eventually, she let the world perceive how she turned the sufferer of John’s lust. 

Bobi Gephart Alleged Affair Allegations Against Pastor John Lowe II- What Happened?

Hats off to Bobi Lowe’s bravery. Pastor John Lowe II confessed he had an affair with Bobi twenty years previously. He moreover admitted he devoted in opposition to the regulation and groomed her inside his office.

Bobi Gephart and her Husband Nate left the church
Bobi Gephart and her Husband Nate left the church

People admired Bobi’s braveness, and in the end, she spilled the darkish secrets and techniques and strategies of her life, which she saved hidden inside the nook of her coronary coronary heart for a number of years.  

One individual wrote, “Your bravery is absolutely remarkable. May you and your family be continuously blessed with hashtag Bobigephart.”

Another wrote, “Bravo for Bobi Gephart! She bravely outed the pastor molester, who thinks he still sets the narrative. That church is just as guilty. Took no time to forgive the pastor. Their shitty statement does not reconciliation or restoration.”

So What Is The Age Gap Between Bobi Gephart And John Lowe II?

As per New York Times submit, Bobi Gephart, aged 65, was 38 years, and Bobi, now 43, was 16 years when the incident occurred twenty years previously. There are 22 years of age gap between Bobi and John Lowe II.

Pastor and his wife Debbie
Pastor and his partner Debbie

Besides, Bobi is a married lady. Her husband, Nate, was present inside the church when she bravely revealed the pastor’s wrongdoing. He left the church holding her hand after all the chaos inside the church.  

Who is Bobi Gephart? Married Woman Allegations On Pastor John Lowe II Affair.For More Article Visit MOBINUTOKEN

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