Who Is The Richest Drag Queen?


A drag queen is anyone, normally male, who makes use of drag garments and make-up to emulate and always amplify female gender signifiers and gender roles for leisure causes. In newest events, drag queens are related to gay males and gay custom, nonetheless folks of various genders and sexual identities moreover conduct as drag queens.

People include themselves inside the leisure of doing drag for intentions ranging from self-expression to mainstream effectivity.

Drag reveals normally comprise lip-syncing, keep singing, and dancing. They current up at events like gay satisfaction parades, carnivals, and drag pageants and in events equal to cabarets and golf gear.

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Drag queens differ by type, custom, and dedication, from professionals who attribute in films to people who do drag solely sometimes.

The strategy of moving into drag or the id can take hours. A drag queen may intend for a positive mannequin, celeb impression, or message with their look.

Who Is the Richest Drag Queen?

RuPaul Charles is the Richest Drag Queen with an estimated internet worth of $60 million. RuPaul is the woman behind the reality current that entertained mainstream audiences with the paintings kind of drag titled RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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