Why Do Fans Believe ABC News’ Cecilia Vega Is Expecting in 2022?


Why Do Fans Believe ABC News’ Cecilia Vega Is Expecting in 2022?

After letting a small piece of her tongue slip all through the dwell ABC data part in regards to the seize of Al-Qaeda commander Ayman al-Zawahiri, chief White House correspondent for ABC News Cecilia Vega is trending on Twitter.

Rumors in regards to the journalist’s being pregnant are circulating on-line as she attracts the attention of internet clients.

Cecilia Vega From ABC News

Is ABC News’ Cecilia Vega Expectant in 2022?

Since Cecilia Vega from ABC News has not made any pregnancy-related mentions on her social media, it doesn’t appear that she’s going to in all probability be anticipating in 2022.

The journalist’s absence of a kid bump in earlier dwell television appearances extra helps the notion that she is simply not pregnant. Similar to how none of her mates have talked about her being pregnant, neither has her husband talked about their impending baby.

The journalist appears to be presently focused on her expert endeavors and performance as ABC News’ chief White House reporter for the second yr.

Cecilia Vega and Her Husband James Jiménez,

After getting hitched on August 16, 2008, Cecilia Vega and Ricardo Jimenez Zepeda had been collectively for nearly 14 years. The pair like posting footage of themselves on social media with their cute pet canine.

Ricardo, the journalist’s husband, is a former California Highway Patrol officer who enjoys biking and seeing new places.

As he states in his Instagram account, “Swapped my S&W.40 caliber for a Sony A7rIV,” Jimenez is energetic on social media and enjoys posting footage of his journey journals taken with a Sony A7rIV.

Both Ricardo and Cecilia adore their pet canine, and every share footage of him on social media and have a specific account just for him.

What Sparked The Baby Rumors?

ABC News viewers believed journalist Cecilia Vega was anticipating, which led to the unfold of being pregnant rumors. People steadily think about the journalist is pregnant on account of she has been married for higher than 13 years, is in her mid-forties, and has in no way had kids.

It’s doable that her present Instagram put up via which she launched that she had examined optimistic is what triggered the being pregnant speculations.

Unfortunately, the check out tools that the journalist uploaded a picture of was optimistic for a covid check out reasonably than a being pregnant check out, which could have led a couple of of her readers astray.

Be assured that Cecilia appears to have recovered from her virus after watching her on Good Morning America and the data. The undeniable fact that ABC News’ White House lead correspondent has not addressed the allegations about her being pregnant makes them a lot much less convincing.

Why Do Fans Believe ABC News’ Cecilia Vega Is Expecting in 2022?.For More Article Visit MOBINUTOKEN

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